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About Us

We have over 10 years of combined experience planning events in the Jeep, 4×4, Overland community, and other auto communities. 4Lo Events LLC, started as NJ registered business in August 2021.

We organize family-friendly Jeep events. Such as shows, rallies, meets, scavenger hunts, and anything that will help promote a business or fundraise for charity or non-profit. We handle all the logistics and tech needed to organize a great event!

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4Lo Events LLC can set up a fundraiser event for your charity or non-profit. The fundraiser will be in the form of a Jeep Show or Jeep Meet & Donation Drive for example.

Promote your business

4Lo Events LLC can promote your business in a unique way. Hosting a Jeep event at your location will bring new customers to your location.

Host a meet, open house or show for example.


Event Support

4Lo Events LLC will provide all event logistics support, event tech support, marketing, promoting, and much more. We will source vendors, sponsors, entertainment, and anything that will make the event great.

Would you like to see our portfolio? Email us at info@4loevents.com, reach out to us on our social media channels, or fill out the form below.

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